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snow is fallin’

frostheart by Jamie Littler

Frostheart: Littler, Jamie: Books

It’s a classic premise . A new world , a nervous young hero and spoonfuls of magic . Frostheart takes you far away , to an icey world you’ll never want to leave .

Ash wants to sing . That shouldn’t be much of an issue should it ? But he is a songweaver , his songs have magic . And in his isolated stronghold , music is banned . Ash’s life changes forever after he songweaves for the first time . Soon he is swept up on an incredible adventure to find his parents , bundled on board a ship on a route across the ice that hides danger at every turn …

This book envelopes you with ease , I was quickly absorbed into this unique and detailed universe . The author creates a beatiful mix of action and thought provoking quieter scenes . The world building isn’t forced , and you know what you need to know , without info dumps . Ash is sometimes discovering these things with you ! The characters are unique and likeable , some of them speices you haven’t even heard of before ! The mechanics are easy to understand but still leave an element of wonder .

I really love this book ! It snagged my imagination and held me tight ! I would reccomend it to anyone who likes magic and adventure , for these are key ingredients ! This is proabably a book aimed at slightly younger readers than me , but the pure wonder that comes from its pages could be enjoyed by anyone !

Thanks for reading my review ! I hope everyone is staying safe and well in this weird time we live in


Home and dry?

The haven by Simon Lelic

The Haven: Book 1: Simon Lelic: Books

Ollie is just settling down for bed . He is safe , his beloved parental figure Nancy is just downstairs , and all seems well . However , from the moment he hears a shout , he knows that something is wrong . Unfortunately for him , this is just the beginning . Because Ollie turner , is far from being truly home and dry . A lot further than he thinks ….

This book is a complete, jam-packed paper package of mayhem from the minute you dive in. In fact, you might struggle to hold onto it as we twist and turn through the sewers, into the halls of the haven and straight into London, the setting for an adventure you’ll never forget. Ollie is a likeable hero, and at first, you can’t help but feel sympathy for the boy, who is thrown in at the deep end with the killing of his parent figure Nancy, and he continues to pull at our heartstrings as we learn more about what brought him up to where he is now. However, as we meet the crew at the haven and take the plunge into the rest of the book, it is soon replaced with awe. Ollie is headstrong, quick thinking and fast on his feet, traits which are replicated his likeable co-stars as we journey further into the plot. A scheme, which of course, is undertaken by one of the most despicable villains I’ve met this year. Maddy sikes is heartless , cruel and truly evil . she is accompanied by her loathsome dog and a truly terrifying plan to take over London, one fiendish move at a time. This would be difficult to stop anyway, but Ollie and the haven investigation team have 24 hours…

I simply could not take my eyes of this book. It is thrilling, original and at at any moment , you are far from a safe haven… It is, by very nature, a book which nearly every boy would enjoy, perhaps from the age of 10+, and the sheer fun should not be dismissed if you are a girl or even an adult. If you like action, heroes, and Oliver twist, you are going to get a strong dose of each from the haven. And for all the dangers Ollie faces, the only one you will have to look out for is the gut-wrenching plot twist. 

I also reviewed this book on Toppsta , an awesome site where you can review books , win them and it hosts a plethora of other book related things . If you are interested in any of this , please head over to

This post is dedicated to my delightful family , the only 3 other people I’ve seen in weeks . This is not , however , a bad thing , and if any of you come across this post , I love you dearly . Thanks for helping me stay sane in this crazy time we live in .


A curse so dark and lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

Infinite praises to the author . This book is a majestic example of fanstasy writing at its finest , with just a little drop of romance to lure you in …

This book was so incredibly awesome I don’t know where to start. It is written with an elegant precision reminiscent of Rhen when you first meet him, told with calculating expertise that only makes you flick faster still through its punchy chapters. Emberfall is fully fleshed out and you constantly want to dive back to Ironfell and languish within its halls. Rhen and Harper are wonderful characters and I had faith in them from the start, the minute you head into this adventure you’ll know what I mean. The beauty and the beast ideas did not go unnoticed but the adventure is a tale in its own right, nothing ever feels cliche and at some points, you wonder whether they’ll fall in love at all.

And that’s another thing I love about this book . Harper is a champion who’s disability does not define her , and the book never disillusions you . This is not a book wholly based on love , or even the curse , but about taking what you are given and never letting go of what you might just come to love .

You don’t need to be a genius to know this book comes highly recommended , but just in case , I’ll reiterate . This book is amazing and you should read it whoever you are . It doesn’t matter if you read it for the fantasy or the fights , the romance or the descriptions . You can even read this book if all you want is a good example of what to write . Because this book is all I could want . And more…

Once again , mega thanks to Toppsta for sending me this book , and Bloomsbury for giving it to them to start with . I feel truly privileged to find myself with a signed copy of the book I’ve so come to love , and if you want to get books , review them and be recommended other awesome novels , head straight over there at


home is where the heart is …

Satellite by nick lake

For Leo Freeman , a boy named for a collection of stars , the cosmos is all he’s ever known . In a world most earth dwellers can only stare up at , all he wants is the place he stares down at . Earth . Terra Firma . And apparently , home …

The moon 2 space station is it’s own world . It sees multiple sunrises on it’s constant orbit . It is it’s own world . And it is inhabited by Leo , Orion and Libra . They’ve never known anything other than space . All Orion wants to do is play music . All Libra want’s to do is feel the soil beneath her feet . Leo doesn’t know what he want’s to do . But when they finally make the decsent , the consequences are bigger then they could possibly imagine

This is a heartfelt , hard hitting book full of emotion , wonder and at times , deep sadness . It is recommend for all ages and interests , but anyone who’s ever wanted to be a scientist will devour the technical detail . The writer is incredibly skilled and draws emotion from every page . If you’re going to kick of the year with a bang , do it with this book!

Happy new year everyone ! I hope we can grow some more this year !

An outstanding secret

Secret of the sirens by Julia Golding

Mythical creatures are just that : Mythical . Unicorns and sirens , dragons and selkies . They can’t exist , surely ? At least , that’s what the society wants you to think ….

When you first meet Connie , the society is far from your mind , and hers . In fact , she doesn’t even know it exists . Left by her parents with her peculiar aunt Evelyn , she is sick and tired of Hescombe . Her aunt hives off to meetings every night , and won’t even tell her why . But a surprise meeting with a classmate and her aunts weird choice of head wear sparks an investigation into an unknown world , that will change Connie’s life forever …

Though a little slow to start , once this book gets going you are plunged into a unpredictable and wondrous world of beasts you can only dream of . The idea behind this book is truly magical ,and once you’ve finished , you will want nothing more than to be a companion . The author knits several smaller plots together with one larger adventure and though she does this artfully and well , it could be a little confusing for younger readers . Fans of fantastic beasts will find the magic in this book addicting , as did I . Golding has cooked up a well thought out , fantastic treat and anyone with a little patience and a love for fantasy will find a good read in this first of four book .

A special shout out to my mum , who brought me this book for my birthday some 2 months ago now . It was a super read , thank you for supporting me with this little project of mine . Additional merit to my grand total of four followers . We are the revolution .

Double Trouble…

The Fowl Twins

The Fowl Twins by Eoin Colfer

This book is possibly the most chaotic thing ever put onto paper . A crazy cocktail of adventure , comedy , fantasy and Tech , if if you loved the Artemis Fowl , you’ll know you’re home . If you’ve never heard of it , it’s a great starter . And if you hated it and were scared off by the sheer madness? Well , this will push you over the edge ….

One night . One night the fowls left miles and Beckett , two twins who couldn’t be more different . Miles is a genius to rival Artemis , impeccably neat and the most overconfident child you’ve ever met . Beckett is a crazy to rival the worlds worst , has to be persuaded to wear clothes and is probably the wildest child you’ve ever met . But in that one night they will be catapulted across the world , pursued by angry nuns , murderous lords and one very dangerous pixel . They will discover Beckett’s hidden talents , fairy magic and whether there was some truth in artemis’s tales after all …

This is one of the greatest books I’ve ever got my greedy paws on in the whole of 2019 . Fans of artemis fowl need not hesistate to pick this book up off the shelves , and pretty much anyone else will find something to love . It is side splittingly funny , jaw droppingly fast , and smoothly written . I’m completely in love with it , and I’m sure you will be too .

A huge thanks to the team at Toppsta books for granting me the opportunity to read this book , which is due to be published on the 5th of November 2019 . You can read my review of this book , enter some giveaways of your own and tons of other cool stuff at

To kill a kingdom….

It’s a classic premise . Two enemies are thrown together in unusual circumstances , and what follows is an epic clash .

Lira is a heir , a princess in the underwater world of the sirens . Ellian is a wayward pirate prince , heir to an entirely different throne .When a human girl going by the name of Lira appears in the middle of the ocean , he has no choice to pick her up . But as their journey progresses and their bond strengthens , the slightly suspicious circumstances of their meeting is all but forgotten . But Lira is far from what she seems , and as the peril increases ,so does the tension , until a thrilling discovery is made . One that will change the pair’s lives , even the kingdom’s fate , forever…

This book is told from two perspectives , Lira’s and Elian’s , so you get a masterful , godlike perspective on the events that gives a great insight into the characters thoughts . The author has certainly produced a wonderful world full of stories to tell and everything is fantastically believable which sends you on an adrenaline fuelled , if slightly teenage , adventure . This book comes highly recommended , especially for fans of mythology and Percy Jackson (sharp witted readers will recognise the references to ancient Greek myth and lore) but anyone who likes their books action packed with a hint of romance will find a treat in this .

To kill a kingdom by Alexandra Christo

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