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Home and dry?

The haven by Simon Lelic

The Haven: Book 1: Simon Lelic: Books

Ollie is just settling down for bed . He is safe , his beloved parental figure Nancy is just downstairs , and all seems well . However , from the moment he hears a shout , he knows that something is wrong . Unfortunately for him , this is just the beginning . Because Ollie turner , is far from being truly home and dry . A lot further than he thinks ….

This book is a complete, jam-packed paper package of mayhem from the minute you dive in. In fact, you might struggle to hold onto it as we twist and turn through the sewers, into the halls of the haven and straight into London, the setting for an adventure you’ll never forget. Ollie is a likeable hero, and at first, you can’t help but feel sympathy for the boy, who is thrown in at the deep end with the killing of his parent figure Nancy, and he continues to pull at our heartstrings as we learn more about what brought him up to where he is now. However, as we meet the crew at the haven and take the plunge into the rest of the book, it is soon replaced with awe. Ollie is headstrong, quick thinking and fast on his feet, traits which are replicated his likeable co-stars as we journey further into the plot. A scheme, which of course, is undertaken by one of the most despicable villains I’ve met this year. Maddy sikes is heartless , cruel and truly evil . she is accompanied by her loathsome dog and a truly terrifying plan to take over London, one fiendish move at a time. This would be difficult to stop anyway, but Ollie and the haven investigation team have 24 hours…

I simply could not take my eyes of this book. It is thrilling, original and at at any moment , you are far from a safe haven… It is, by very nature, a book which nearly every boy would enjoy, perhaps from the age of 10+, and the sheer fun should not be dismissed if you are a girl or even an adult. If you like action, heroes, and Oliver twist, you are going to get a strong dose of each from the haven. And for all the dangers Ollie faces, the only one you will have to look out for is the gut-wrenching plot twist. 

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This post is dedicated to my delightful family , the only 3 other people I’ve seen in weeks . This is not , however , a bad thing , and if any of you come across this post , I love you dearly . Thanks for helping me stay sane in this crazy time we live in .


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