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snow is fallin’

frostheart by Jamie Littler

Frostheart: Littler, Jamie: Books

It’s a classic premise . A new world , a nervous young hero and spoonfuls of magic . Frostheart takes you far away , to an icey world you’ll never want to leave .

Ash wants to sing . That shouldn’t be much of an issue should it ? But he is a songweaver , his songs have magic . And in his isolated stronghold , music is banned . Ash’s life changes forever after he songweaves for the first time . Soon he is swept up on an incredible adventure to find his parents , bundled on board a ship on a route across the ice that hides danger at every turn …

This book envelopes you with ease , I was quickly absorbed into this unique and detailed universe . The author creates a beatiful mix of action and thought provoking quieter scenes . The world building isn’t forced , and you know what you need to know , without info dumps . Ash is sometimes discovering these things with you ! The characters are unique and likeable , some of them speices you haven’t even heard of before ! The mechanics are easy to understand but still leave an element of wonder .

I really love this book ! It snagged my imagination and held me tight ! I would reccomend it to anyone who likes magic and adventure , for these are key ingredients ! This is proabably a book aimed at slightly younger readers than me , but the pure wonder that comes from its pages could be enjoyed by anyone !

Thanks for reading my review ! I hope everyone is staying safe and well in this weird time we live in


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